Ordo Ignis Objectives

Main objectives:
  • Ordo Ignis is a society for living history, focusing on the Middle Ages in Norway in the period ca. 1177 to 1489. Areas of interest are the norwegian knight and his natural company. Activities take the form of training in swordsmanship, horsebackriding, jousting and banquetes.
  • Main geographical focus is the region of Trondelag, and particularly Trondheim, with Castle Austrot, Sverresborg, Nidaros Cathedral and Castle Steinviksholm.
  • Ordo Ignis works to cooperate with different institutions, such as the Cathedral, The Royal Houses at the cathedral, Millitary auuthorities, historical millitary museum, historical societies etc.
  • Ordo Ignis will attend festivals., shows, tournaments and similar activities both domestic and abroad.
  • Accquired knowledge is first presented to the members, then to the public. Means of presentation include: tournaments. Lectures, events, published matter and the internet.

Long term objectives (2-5 years):

  • Getting more members to commit socially and with responsabilities.
  • A steady level of activities, both in obtaining knowledge and socially.
  • Critical and thorough treatment of sources in all we do.
  • Steady increase in numbers.
  • Doing performances, shows, with and without horses.
  • Travelling Europe, foing shows and lectures, and taking part in tournaments.

Social Objectives:

  • A flexible and dynamic Order, where every one can be heard and treated as an equal.
  • All issues will - as a rule - be presented to the members, so that these can voice their opinions before the board makes their decision. This applies to all matters that concerns the individual member's time, skills or area of interest.
  • We strive to communicate well within the Order, promoting totality of thinking and a steady course of action.
  • Establishing a companionship in which vairous interests can develope.
  • Membership should be both fun and aducational!