Ordo Ignis

'Through knowledge of the past, 
 - the future is enriched'

ORDO IGNIS - The Order of the Flame

Founded in 1997, the Ordo Ignis is a historic society whose main purpose is to study  Medieval Norway and Norwegian knights. In the Middle Ages, ties between Norway and Europe were strong. A popular destination for pilgrims, the Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim was an established centre for international contact.

Historical characters and setting spanning from 1030 to 1550 are recreated by members of the order. Apart from the knights, subdivisions of the Ordo Ignis include the Craftsmen's Guild and the Ladies' League. The guilds study and recreate Medieval crafts, arts, codes of behaviour and mentality. Tournaments and banquets are held on a regular basis.

To authenticate the results of our studies, we engage in an ongoing co-operation with scholars in various academic fields. The knowledge we have achieved is presented to the general public through publications or activities, such as display battles, performances, exhibitions, work-shops and public lectures.


There have been a number of knights in Norway, and their conditions were similar to their European counterparts, except for the fact that there were no knightly orders in Norway, as was the case in some other countries. Norwegian knights went crusading to Jerusalem and the Middle-East, and they also participated in European hastiludes (tournaments).


A hastilude could take the form of a jousting (a single combat of one mounted knight against another) or a tournament (the contest of two opposing parties of mounted combatants). In Norway, hastiludes traditionally took place as part of a royal crowning or wedding, or a princely meeting. 

Foto: Ivar Mølsknes


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